When I look through my "recommended for you" users I'll often find people with 20 or so artists in common, bit I'll click on their profile and they'll have 3.4K cymbals, most of which I don't care about. On the other hand I'll find users with only 5 artists in common, but they've made 6 posts. I'm more interested in following the second user since their posts will be more things I like more often.
What I want is a profile match percentage. For example, when I'm looking through "recommended for you" users, it will show me that 70% of a user's posts are artists I've posted. That way I can tell that they regularly post music I want to hear, rather than posting a song I actually like once a month.
This is a feature I know I would get a lot of use out of as it's a common issue for me. Love the app! Thanks!